Augustin Sjöberg

director, editor, writer

I want to make the most character-driven films out there

I am dedicated to creating character-driven stories that are surprising, innovative, atmospheric, and truthful about their topics.My narratives delve deep into the lives of everyday people facing near surreal obstacles.Drawing inspiration from filmmakers like Robert Eggers, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and Werner Herzog, I aim to craft stories that resonate deeply with audiences, eliciting powerful emotional connections.

Malmö Noir

From 2019 to 2022 I wrote, financed, shot, directed, edited and made the sound design on my first feature film, Malmö Noir. It's a noir comedy set in the crime-ravaged city of Malmö, Sweden. Featuring 50 actors, and with the protagonist present in every scene, it's my first big attempt at a thouroghly character-driven story.

Malmö noir trailer

filmmaking philosophy

At the heart of my filmmaking lies the belief that the camera is, and should be, an instrument of personality.Through its framing, movement, and stillness, my camera aims to portray a consciousness, be it the consciousness of the characters or the narrator.To me, the most exciting thing about watching a film is to get to know the personalities who made it.

My backstory

Growing up an only child in the forested parts of southern Sweden, I early on developed into a dreamer who spent my days reading, drawing, making home movies, writing stories and playing piano. As I grew older I decided to pursue movies since that was the medium that combined all my artistic interests.Over the years I've been making numerous music videos, short films, commercials, and information videos.I've collaborated extensively with influencer Dag Tolstoy. Our video Sveriges vackraste slott? has been shown on Morgonstudion, one of the biggest morning shows in Sweden.

Sveriges Vackraste Slott?

the tyranny -
short film

The summer of 2023, I wrote, directed and edited The Tyranny, a short film about domestic violence. It's a slow, brooding piece with almost no dialogue at all; instead the emphasis is placed on gestures and sound or the suppressive lack thereof. The film is planned to enter high-level festivals in Europe, the spring 2024.

quick facts about me

  • Watched 1222 movies

  • Vegan since 2017

  • Work proficiently in Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and Unreal Engine

  • Have been a mailman and a gravedigger

  • Live proficiently in Malmö, Sweden

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